FALL 2013 (Issue 80)

Charles Wyatt

Who Dreams This Dreams Me

You may see the hog-fish, the dog-fish, the dolphin, the coney-fish, the parrot-fish, the shark, the poison-fish, sword-fish, the salamander, several sorts of barnacles, and Solan geese, the bird of Paradise, such sorts of snakes, and such birds’-nests, and so various forms, and so wonderfully made, as may beget wonder and amusement. . . Isaak Walton

Hog-fish, dog-fish, dolphin
Sunrise and dancing bells
Coney-fish, parrot-fish, shark
Blue evening’s sarabande

Poison-fish, sword-fish
Shield-fish, gorget-fish
Cloud guitar and shadow fish
A small metal cannon

Salamander barnacle
The arrow, the arrowy
Arrow aisle unmerciful
Solan geese and bird least beautiful

But various and covering the earth with amusement,
and at table we dine on wonder,
on hats and cold potatoes, strum
the zither, shake out the halberds, the timpani,

the various, the nonessential, the phases and the tides –
an idea of snakes so knotted as to stir our wonder,
there in the galleries of the deeps,
great heaps of music meaning to move maestoso

to allegro to presto con brio, to net
the gold trombones, the black mincing oboe,
supple indifferent clarinet, fingers swimming –
no caps for kracken

the fishes passing in parade, unrhymed