Keith Montesano

The Author as Man Who Finds Megan Dead in the Car by the Side of the Road in The House of the Devil

                                   After the film by Ti West

To be out on Friday night metal detecting: something I’d tell

           no one, even if someone listened. It sounded like an M-80

as I scaled the hillside, sweeping through shrubs, damp ferns,  

           hoping one-in-a-million would be a Gold American Eagle

someone didn’t know they were tossing. The car was idle—

           exhaust seeping into formless clouds in the cold. I stopped,

looked at the black sheen on the windows & windshield,

           & saw her head lolled to the side. The heat was on high,

the only sound now: a steady, rattled whoosh, & on the roads,

           no cars in sight, just her headlights still gleaming. Afraid

to touch anything, I stared, while the blood still ran silently

            down her jacket. No phone. No nearby houses. I turned

& tripped down the embankment, detector snapping,

           hoped no blood left the car: one shoeprint to lock me away.